Radiant Digital Ventures Studio (RDV) in partnership with Anonomatic presents:

“How to Operationalize Identified Data & Protect PII – A Critical Component to Digital Transformation”

The data privacy landscape is ever-changing. Business leaders, data scientists, and technologists need to catch up and seize the emerging digital transformation opportunities today. Want to know how to operationalize identified data without risking personal identifiable information (PII) or violating compliance regulations and be at the forefront of this change?

Join Radiant Digital Ventures Studio (RDV) and Anonomatic to learn how to safely and easily store, anonymize, mask, mine, redact and share sensitive identified data with 100% data accuracy and full international data privacy compliance.

You’ll learn:

  • How to reduce costs, time, and complexity with PII-free data lakes
  • How to safely collect and merge identified data from disparate sources
  • How to redact PII in unstructured data · How to protect identified production data in non-production environments
  • How the Los Angeles Unified School District gains insights into the relationship between student healthcare services and academic performance while adhering to HIPAA and FERPA compliance

Special guest speakers: