A global offshore operator was looking to find a solution to deliver competency, regulatory and technical training content to its workforce. The solution would have to track, store, and report comprehensive user data and would also need to integrate into other existing back-office systems.

Radiant lead an enterprise-wide requirements gathering project to identify and qualify the best learning management system option.


In addition to gathering business requirements, the Radiant team developed a full set of use cases. Once the LMS vendor field was narrowed down to 4, the Radiant team demonstrated those use cases in a sandbox environment. We utilized our proprietary scoring system to rate the vendors against the criteria outlined in the scoring system. The criteria included user and admin usability measures, interoperability, scalability, and total cost of ownership.


Radiant successfully assessed 8 LMS vendors, narrowed it down to 4 then made a recommendation based on client needs and requirements in less than 8 weeks. The assessment and selection process was so smooth the client asked Radiant to provide configuration, launch support, and ongoing management of the new system.