USCIS, through the Office of Transformation Coordination (OTC), is in the midst of global, web-based technologies and IT support that gives direct, secure access to USCIS services by applications and petitioners.

To deal with such a monumental change, Radiant was tasked with providing systems assurance and technical services to implement solutions that support USCIS’s mission.


With a 5 year $4 million contract, Radiant provides numerous services to the USCIS’ mission. This includes; facilitating and assessing cross-functional program-wide compliance with standards, maintaining evidence to prove independent verification of implemented processes, ensuring methodologies and product functionality meets mission requirements and providing project information. Radiant also has system assurance activities that include oversight on agile methodology and SW work products, including the sprint plans, architecture, and software design/code.


Radiant is successfully implementing complex technical and organizational techniques to assist with the USCIS’ program.