Analyzing the AI investment landscape pre/post the US Exec Order on AI Leadership issued back in Feb 2019, I wanted to share my thoughts.

On the US Federal side, we’ve completed the ‘Automation Era’ leading up to the executive order. We are now ingrained in the development and rollout of AI-Centric platforms throughout Federal agencies. But are we positioned for a successful launch of the new Hyper-Intelligent-Automation era within the Federal space?

Investment-wise, you can see a robust, increasing trend for US Private sector investments in AI (really driving the global AI investment rates alongside ROW). However, looking at estimated AI funding on the US Federal side, the indications are that a much slower start has taken place post-issuance of the Executive Order. With a projected FY21 budget of $6B in AI funding for Federal programs, there may be a funding gap impeding the transition in achieving AI at scale and true hyper-automation within the Federal space.

AI at scale coupled with hyper-automation relies on many complex elements. From reliable automated data pipelines to cyber-security aspects, ethical AI governance, and more. Investments or vendor-provided solutions will be critical in fulfilling these capabilities. We may find that future initiatives will have to rely on the integration of reliable components to keep up with the ROW on the Federal side.