Anyone who deals with customer data daily knows that you must locate and protect personally identifiable information (PII). Failure to comply with regulations and minimize the risks from data breaches can lead to penalties, lawsuits, and loss of customer trust. Because of the risks and costs associated with the loss or exposure of PII, the use of identified data is severely restricted and always incurs significant overhead in both time and money. This risk-averse approach curtails new revenue growth opportunities and doesn’t remove the inherent risk of PII in your data.

History is full of examples of companies who were slower than their competition to embrace powerful new technology. Blackberry, Lotus, and Novell used to be household names until their competitors moved faster with better data. In a few short years, the same could happen to countless organizations who continue to lock down their data when the technology to fully use all their data in new and unimagined ways and with complete data privacy compliance is now available.

In this 20-minute Radiant and Anonomatic joint webinar, Gil Tadmor and Matt Fleck will show you a seamless, non-invasive, and ethical solution that enterprises can quickly embrace that protects PII data while operationalizing PII protection at scale.

You’ll learn:
• How can organizations quickly move their data to the cloud and be in full compliance with international data privacy obligations
• How to protect PII and still get value out of the data
• About the many different use cases where PII protection is critical

Plus, much more.